Our tiniest, most vulnerable citizens:
infants and toddlers need your help
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Spectrum Infant and Toddler Montessories

img1Thank you for your interest in Spectrum Infant & Toddler Montessories. Founded in 2009 to address the gross shortage of capacity in child care centers to service the needs of infants and toddlers, limiting child care options for working families.

Finding a good child care provider is one of the hardest and most difficult decisions a parent has to make. Once a parent has committed to the idea, they search and find the perfect school only to discover there are no openings and their name is added to a very, very, long waiting list.

According to recent statistics there is a shortfall of 17,592 licensed infant spaces in Orange County. The need for reliable and affordable child care is great, especially for those families whose financial resources are limited. Nationwide only 5% of child care center capacity is for this age group. For profit companies have dominated the childcare industry, cherry-picking the most profitable age groups and serving the more affluent families.

Spectrum Infant and Toddler Montessories is a 501(c) 3 non-profit Corporation, which has been established for the purpose of providing families with affordable infant and toddler care facilities. Our mission is simple: to provide safe, high quality care for working families which is developmentally focused on serving their children's needs six weeks through preschool.

Our vision is to have 4 child care centers in the next 10 years. Each of our centers will have a capacity for 160 children, 50% of whom will be infants and toddlers. Each of our centers will generate approximately $2 million in revenue and directly employ 39 people. We will demonstrate that child care centers run as a non profit can serve infants and toddler age group. We will make our model transparent so others can copy it.

Our current challenge is to gather sufficient capital to successfully launch the program. It will cost $4 million to purchase land & build each facility. There is no grant money available for pre-development including purchase of land.

We are seeking donations to champion this project. 100% of your donation will go towards facility costs. I hope that you will see the greatness of our endeavor and that you will consider making a financial donation. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Deirdre M. Kelly
Founder & CEO